Economies to Watch in 2016

Economies to Watch in 2016Economic shifts, mobility, and alterations are common in countries around the world. A nation that is an economy to watch in 2014 might fall far down the list by 2016. Because of the ever-changing nature, it’s important to stay up to date with the current economies to watch, for global context and smart investment.

Most relevant economies


Trukish sovereign yields on their benchmark two year bonds hover around 5.7% – their steady growth over the last decade have also left them in a higher position for investment and tourism draws.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers dividend yields of 7.4%, well above the 2.7% emerging markets aggregate. Previously ranked as the number 1 economy to watch in 2015, the Czech Republican continues to solidify a position in the emerging economies category.


Also a big dividend player, Poland’s five-year bond yields are over 3.7%. Investors are turning their sights to Poland as an emerging nation worth capital gain.

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